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FAQs & Policies

 1. Do we need a reservation?

While we do accept guests on a "walk-in" basis, a reservation helps to guarantee your space. We recommend it for a longer term visit. We are also organizing retreats so it's best to clarify space/room availability. Reservations must be paid in advance. Payments can be made via PayPal.

 2. How do I make a reservation?

Phone us for the quickest response at +233 (0)24 481 7459. Available on Whatsapp, OR you can correspond with us via this website or email us at [email protected] Please be patient. Communications are not always the best from Ghana. 

 3. What's your cancellation policy?

We understand that life can change at any moment so we accept cancellations up to one week prior to your visit, with a 10% cancellation fee. 

 4. Are you wheel-chair accessible?

Unfortunately not yet.

 5 Is there any wildlife around?

While the hills used to be filled with monkeys, antelope, wild boars, giant cats and lions, most have unfortunately been hunted into extinction. What we see now are mostly lizards and iguanas and we hear the monkeys? and antelopes? calls at night.

 6. Can the walls of the mud construction fall down? Aren't the buildings weaker?

While that is a common notion, in fact some of the structures in Mali have been up for well over 100 years. Since we are not in the desert and do get strong rains we have made the buildings stronger and weather resistant with the use of cement plaster.

 7. Do you swim in the river?

People in the village do swim in the river as well as fish every night. We do not personally swim in the river and would not advise it to visitors. But you could do so at your own discretion. We are currently working on building our own natural pond. 

 8 What is there to do?

Please see the section on "things to do."

 9. Is your place difficult to get to?

With a car it is about a 2 hour drive from the airport (1-1/2 hours without traffic). On public transport it could take up to three hours. Please see "map and directions."

 10. Why do you use such weird toilet paper?

We use Rose toilet paper which is locally produced from recycled paper since Harriet read that soft, fluffy toilet paper is made from cutting down new trees everyday. Please keep in mind that Ghana does not have a rubbish collection system except in certain areas. As a result we are conscientious about what we use in regard to packaging, containers and plastic. We ask that what rubbish you bring in, you take out again.

 11. What is a "chop bar"?

"Chop" is the local term used for "eat". A "chop bar" is a local eatery. We have both a cafe and chop bar* on site. The cafe serves mostly Caribbean, vegetarian snacks and treats and the "chop bar" serves local foods such as fufu (pounded cassava and plaintain), banku (similar to turned corn meal but slightly fermented), and/or ampesi (boiled yam or plaintain) with palm nut soup, peanut (ground nut) soup and/or stewed greens. Natural drinks, fruit juices and commercial beverages are also available. 

* Our 'chop bar' is on hold until further notice.

 12. What is required for entry into Ghana?

In order to enter Ghana you need a visa unless you are a national of the ECOWAS nations. In order to get a visa you must contact the nearest Ghanaian Embassy/Consulate. At many of the embassies you must show proof of a yellow fever vaccination. If you plan to exit Ghana - to go to Togo for example - and return it is recommended that you get a multiple entry visa. It is more expensive but is usually valid for several years.

13. What else would we need?

It is recommended that you have updated vaccinations for polio, tetanus, cholera and typhoid. It is also recommended that people take malaria medications which should be started two weeks before travel. Check out alternatives if you do not want to take these strong medications. YELLOW FEVER VACCINE IS MANDATORY.

We recommend a reliable insect repellent, light cotton clothing, long sleeves and trousers for the evening.

It is also advisable to travel with a torch/flashlight.

14. Do you have Wi-Fi? 

At present we do not. We are a solar facility so Wi-Fi is not a priority. Someone posted on a Whatsapp page. "NO WI-FI! Learn how to talk to each other. Pretend it's the 1980s." Become Zen and learn to be in the moment.