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Photo Gallery

business site business site building front The front of the building with solar panels on the roof. 38376028 front of building The front of the business site with mural 38376021 the artist at work The artist at work 38376033 mural closeup Mural closeup 38376029 building front The front lawn which covers one of our water catchment tanks. 38376031 building front facing the road The front lawn 38376032 the veranda The veranda 38376020 veranda and kitchen Kweku working on the veranda beside the kitchen. 38376022 veranda The veranda showing some of the mini murals 38376030 veranda The veranda looking at the exit. 47685063 guests at the cafe Guests at the cafe 47685064 library The library/reading room which we have as a service to the community. Small children's books. 38376024 library/reading room Library/reading room. 38376025 library/reading room Libfrary/reading room 47685065 computer room The computer room where we hope to have internet access. 38376026 chop bar in construction The chop bar at the roadside. 38376035 site from road Looking in from the main road. 38376036