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Photo Gallery

vista vista volta river The Volta river from the hillside 38373487 Rose Apple tree flowering 48538222 greenery Hills and greenery around the site 38373488 The emergence of a pineapple. 50196068 river with hills Volta river with the hills in the background 38373489 Turmeric flower 47685661 river with hills two Volta river with hills in the background 38373490 the Akwamufie road from on high The Akwamufie road 38373492 Plumeria blossoms 50196069 river through the flamboyant branches The Volta river through flamboyant tree branches. Flamboyant is also called "pride of Barbados" or poinciana. 38373496 Cana lilies 50196067 ? More greenery 38373497 The sunset over the river 50196066 the Akosombo dam The Akosombo dam 38373502 the Akosombo dam from a canoe The Akosombo dam from the river 38373504 the flamboyant flower flamboyant flower 85344626 view from on high. view from on high 85344627 sunset beyond 'cotton' tree sunset beyond 'cotton' tree 144495249 yet another beautiful sunset yet another beautiful sunset 144495250