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About Us

Kweku and Harriet first met on the island of Hawaii in January 1992. Their initial conversation was about returning to Africa, the continent of their ancestors. Harriet had visited Egypt for two months in 1980. She was determined to find a way back to the continent that had been so hospitable and was a reminder of her grandparents' Caribbean culture.

Kweku explored Ghana for a few weeks in 1995 and was captivated by the environment. In January 1998, the couple traveled to Ghana to look for a suitable location to build a home. Many trips later, they were sure Ghana was where they wanted to settle.

   In 2001, some friends led Harriet to the Akwamu area along the Volta river. She loved it. After deciding on an available "site", Harriet met with the elders of the family who owned it. All the elders were sitting around as if waiting for her. Negotiations ensued and terms were set. Weeks later, her guide informed her how difficult it is to find and gather all the elders in one place at one time. Destiny was in her favor. Harriet was convinced she had found the area where her ancestors may have originated, and if not, she was sure they passed that way. Historically, the Volta River was a major slave trafficking route.

While Kweku and the men folk broke ground for the home, Harriet broke ground for the trees and flowers she had germinated. It seemed like it took forever, but under Kweku's diligent supervision and guidance, the house, then the business site, and finally the cottages were built.

Meanwhile more and more fruits, flowers and trees have been planted to beautify the area, and provide food for the cafe and chop-bar.

Along with managing a stunning site for you and your loved ones to relax and contemplate the beauty of life, Kweku and Harriet are multi-talented artists who compliment each other perfectly.

Kweku is an adept at construction and decoration and set up both the solar system and the plumbing for every building on site. He also teaches and shows the young men who work with him many creative ways to build and decorate while encouraging them to have regard for the environment. He loves art, music, and gardening.

Harriet has studied health care for many years and holds a Master of Science in Nursing. In addition to gardening and taking care of the land, she has studied music and art. She is currently tie-dyeing and sewing a lot.

    Both Harriet and Kweku are dedicated to preserving and safe-guarding the land.