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Rooms & Rates

Besides the wonderful view, the foliage and the river, what makes our cottages special? ATAKPAME.

Atakpame is the local name for building with clay, or mud construction. It is the precursor to the rammed earth technique, without the machinery and ?ramming?. It is similar to the ceramic process of making a pinch pot or a coil pot.

The clay is first dug out with a pick or hoe and then crushed into a powder. It is wet and mashed with the feet, then left overnight.

The next morning the clay is shaped into balls which are moulded into the structure and fixed into the layer in place.

Once the initial layer hardens another layer can be added.

Moulding the shape

 Inserting window frame

 Once the structure has reached the desired height it can be plastered with cement or left as is, depending on preference and finance. Cement makes the building more durable and weather resistant (we do get some amazing storms). 

Roofing styles also depend on aesthetic, ability and finance. We have chosen the traditional thatch rather than the conventional roofing sheets. For us it blends in more with our environment.    

The final structure is then painted and decorated based on each person?s creativity.

The benefits of Atakpame are several, amongst them, keeping the room cool on a hot day and warm on a cool evening. It enables us to use less cement, maintaining the integrity of the environment. Also, it is quicker and much more fun.

The cottages are hostel style/communal, separate male and female, unless you rent the entire cottage. They have a private bathroom and porch and can sleep up to 6 persons on mats on the floor. 


Camping - use your own tent or rent one of ours for a small fee.

Guest House - see our section dedicated to the guest house please.

Phone +233(0)24 481 7459 (now available on Whatsapp) for current rates*, starting at $10/night for camping, $15/night for shared room and $35 to $45/night for private room.

Payments/reservations can be made in advance via PayPal. Please scroll down for PayPal link.

*Rates subject to change without notice.

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